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Baby baboon integration- Haggis & Chuck

Last week Haggis and Chuck got their first introduction to a life in a natural setting with the rest of their new group. Haggis and Chuck both came in at the end of last year and with the help of many volunteers feeding them, they are now old enough to be able to live outside.

Haggis and Chuck needed to be kept in a separate enclosure with their Super foster mother Kezi while meeting all other group members until they were big enough to live in a natural setting. While they are still being bottle fed, our rehabilitation team is making sure they come in the night enclosures in order for them to still get milk three times a day.

When the slides were opened, Kezi jumped out followed by her two babies. Both managed to keep up with her while the other baboons were calm and foraging on the other side of the enclosure. Soon other group members noticed something changed and quickly came over to see what happened.

Batista the largest male in the group at the moment, became very protective over Kezi with her babies and acted like a real adult male baboon making sure nothing would happen to these three. Haggis became a bit nervous of Batista hanging around and decided to panic, scream and sprinted away from Kezi and Chuck. Kezi immediately ran over with Chuck clinging on to him, grabbed Haggis and climbed a tree.

Everything calmed down after this and Kezi made sure to everyone not to fool around with her kids.

After a couple of hours both baboons started to explore more by themselves and all other baboons slowly took their turns to say hello and have a play session with them.

At night, Haggis had some problems finding his sleeping spot and was seen sitting in a tree next to mom and Chuck. He sometimes lacks confidence and instead of trying he waits. Luckily after a hour of not knowing what to do he finally found his spot.

Their first day outside was a success!

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