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Derek the Chameleon

A chameleon that was rescued from being stoned to death. This animal needed some natural remedies to provide additional support alongside a structured careplan.

A new interesting case came in at the centre, a chameleon. Chameleons are not always appreciated in Malawi, they are, like some other animals associated with witchcraft since they can change their colour. These sensitive creatures however do no harm and are often victims from being stoned or road killed. Not too long ago we rescued one that was being stoned by children on the street and unfortunately the rescue came too late. This time a chameleon was rescued by the African Bat Conservation which we work in collaboration with. It was found on the road and there were children around, so being concerned about the future of this 20 gram chameleon they picked it up.

It was noticed that both eyes were swollen (more than they should) and there was a crust on his left eye. They kept the chameleon, named it Derek and gave him the care he needed. Not sure whether he could see properly, they were worried that he might not ever and he was brought into the centre a couple days ago.

A volunteer here at the centre, David, used to keep chameleons and he was willing to help us out with the care of our new little friend. He build a beautiful enclosure and made sure Derek got water and all the bugs he likes. In order to treat his eye, we have been using an antibiotic ointment twice a day on his eye and within one day the crust came off. Although we are not sure how much he can see at the moment, this is a first start. For his further treatment we are going to use some delicate naturopathic remedies that might help him with his eye problem.

I am first starting off with Euphrasia, which is a known homeopathic remedy that works on the direct eye trauma and more chronic and severe eye problems. Since it is difficult to provide a grain of homeopathic remedy to this little guy, I have dissolved it in his water. Although the potency will change when the grain is dissolved in the water it is the least stressful way for him to receive it.

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