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Morris a new monkey

Morris, the traumatized little monkey is being treated with Bach remedy for a couple of weeks now. He stays in an enclosure with another little vervet monkey, named Gizmo. Unfortunately there was no foster mom for these guys to take care of them. However, together they are doing pretty ok. They sit next to each other and groom each other, but when it comes down to food Gizmo is the fastest. Although these monkeys are put together and can enjoy each other’s company you can still see that Morris is shy, more than he should be. Also, Gizmo is copying some of this behavior, which means both of the monkeys are getting more timid.

I started giving Morris Bach flower remedy to make him more relaxed and relieve him from the discomfort he is feeling due to traumatic experiences. Bach flower is a natural remedy which specifically supports the mental state of an animal (or human). It replenishes the energy an animal needs in order to keep him balanced. Since Morris is afraid of specific sounds, but also general noises, movements, people, new things and has little confidence I am giving him a combination of different Bach flowers: Mimulus, Aspen, Larch, Star of Betlehem and Walnut. We give that three times a day on a piece of fruit, preferably apple (if the kitchen is stocked with it). Furthermore, we also put it in a water bowl. He can choose between two water bowls, one with the remedy and one without.

After a few days of giving him the Bach flower remedy, you could already see him change. He started to be more relaxed, however a few days was not enough for him. We have been giving the Bach flower remedy now for three weeks and the results are excellent. He loves to eat his piece of fruit with the remedy on it and is less shy. When people pass by the enclosure he used to run away, now he just sits there looking at you with those big innocent eyes. He runs to the gate, even if there are people around. During feeding time, he now comes up to me waiting for me to put the food down. Not grapping something and running away with, no he stays and eats more relaxed. He stuffs his cheek pouches with whatever he can get, looks at me and keeps on eating with a lot of noise…..

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